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About Us

The Contra Costa Special District Association (CCSDA) was formed in 1993. The purpose is to promote the efficient, economical and responsive public services offered by the independent special districts in Contra Costa County – each independent special district is governed by a locally elected board of directors. The Contra Costa County Chapter is affiliated with the state-wide organization of the California Special Districts Association (CSDA).

The CCSDA is comprised of special districts that represented by 49 independent special districts providing a wide variety of cost-effective community services; 44 are governed by elected Board of Directors and 5 are governed by appointed Board of Directors. Some of these services include: providing drinking and irrigation water, fire protection, flood control, operations of parks and recreational services, conservation of natural resources, vector control and wastewater collection, treatment and reuse.

CCSDA liaises with representatives from other partner organizations such as CSDA, LAFCO and other elected officials at the local, regional, and state levels on issues of importance to special districts.

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