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Fire Protection

 The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District exists to provide you, your family and our communities with professional services dedicated to the preservation of life, property and the environment.

Prior to 1875, there was no formal fire protection in the Mt. Diablo central valley where the city of Walnut Creek was becoming established. Frequent uncontrolled fires threatened the property and residents of the community. The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District was originally formed by the merger of the Central Fire Protection District and the Mt. Diablo Fire Protection District.

During the pre-1900 era, Central Contra Costa County was a rural area dotted with a few small towns including Walnut Creek. These communities were built almost entirely of tinder-dry wood, a potential for serious fires.

However, the threat of fire was not confined solely to buildings. Central Contra Costa County was a fertile agriculture valley supporting many acres of crops and orchards. Vast areas of grass and brush were also native to this region, creating a summertime threat of extensive wildland fires.

Only the Independent Special District Fire Protection Districts are listed here. Besides the Countywide Contra Costa County Fire Protection District there are several City Fire Departments.