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Crockett Community Services District

The Crockett Community Services District (CCSD) was formed in 2006 through the reorganization of three agencies: Crockett-Valona Sanitary District, County Sanitation District No. 5 (Port Costa), and County Service Area P-1. CCSD serves two separate and distinct communities – Crockett and Port Costa – and is authorized to provide the following services:

  • wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal
  • public recreation
  • street lighting
  • landscape maintenance
  • graffiti abatement
  • construction
  • library buildings

This section focuses on the District’s wastewater services; the District’s other services are reviewed in the sub regional MSR for cities and special districts in west Contra Costa County.

  • 5 Member Board

Population Served:

Approximately 3,300 people in the communities of Crockett and Port Costa (approximately 686 acres).


To promote the health and safety of the community by providing sewer service and recreation.

Services Provided:

Sewage collection, treatment and disposal; recreation.

Contact Information:

Dale McDonald, General Manager

Phone: 510.787.2992

Fax: 510.787.2459


Address: PO Box 578, Crockett, CA  94525


Contra Costa Chapter