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Contra Costa Resource Conservation District (CCRCD)

The Contra Costa Resource Conservation District (CCRCD) was formed in 1941. Its service area is consistent with the political boundaries of Contra Costa County and covers 516,191 acres. CCRCD is one of California’s 98 Resource Conservation Districts.

The Contra Costa RCD is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors appointed by the County Board of Supervisors and regulated under Division 9 of the California Public Resources Code.

Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs), once known as Soil Conservation Districts, are “special districts” of the state of California, set up under California law to be locally governed agencies with their own locally appointed, independent boards of directors.

RCDs are empowered to conserve resources within their districts by implementing projects on public and private lands and to educate landowners and the public about resource conservation. Beyond this, RCDs are given the right to form associations to coordinate resource conservation efforts on a larger level. The core functions of a district revolve around its right to use diverse means to further resource conservation within their districts.

  • 5 Member Board

Population Served:

Approximately 1,060,000 people - the entire population of Contra Costa County (733 square miles).


To facilitate conservation and stewardship of the natural resources in Contra
Costa County.

Services Provided:

Assistance to local agricultural producers, scientific studies, community watershed planning, educational programs, coordination of watershed restoration and stewardship programs, promotion of voluntary and cooperative natural resource conservation programs.

Contact Information:

Christopher Lim, Executive Directorr

Phone: 925.672.4577 ext.4147

e-Fax: 844.206.6977


Address: 5552 Clayton Rd., Concord, CA  94521


CSDA, Contra Costa Chapter