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Video Contest

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Starting May 1, students can submit their videos on the Districts Make the Difference website. When students complete the application for the statewide contest, they are automatically entered in the applicable local Contra Costa County Chapter contest.

The 2019 Student Video Contest is part of the Districts Make the Difference public outreach campaign established by the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) to increase public awareness and understanding of special districts.

Not Familiar with Special Districts?

Go to to learn more! There are resources to explain special districts and the important work they do throughout California. A map is also available to help you find special districts in your area.

Checkout the videos from the 2018 Chapter’s Video Contest.

1st Place Video Contest Winner Jason Bjorklund

Jason’s video highlighted Delta Diablo Sanitation District; it is the only video that qualified for the Districts Make a Difference Video Contest and one of only two that was submitted from Contra Costa County. Jason collaborated with Haley Heredia, and Art Heredia to create this award winning video.

2nd Place Video Contest Winner Rachel Etherington

Rachel’s vide was disqualified by the Districts Make the Difference Campaign because she may have had an unfair advantage as a summer intern at Central San. Although the video was disqualified Contra Costa Special Districts wants to reward her with the second place prize.

DMTD Video Contest FlyerDMTD Mor Information and Tips

The Membership Directory can be found under the About Us tab, scroll down to CSDA Member Dieectory (more information)

Central San Household Hazardous Waste FacilityDelta Diablo Sanitation District